Ronnie Drillsma - Art Gallery - A collection of Paintings, Drawings and Illustration

About Me
Originally from Liverpool, I have lived in North Wales since I married in 1985. My husband and I recently renovated a barn, and moved in just before Christmas 2013. We are in a rural location, which has continued been the inspiration for my paintings. I have a studio in the garden, which is such a great space. It is where I can play, be creative and not have to tidy up afterwards! 

I recently retired from  teaching  at our local College, and went on to run workshops and demonstrations for various Art Societies and groups in Community Centers, and  Village Halls.  I've always been happy to inspire others, and teaching required me to continually search for inspiration and in doing so I paved my own creative path.
I now have fully retired from teaching, as the time has come to concentrate on my grandchildren, family, but also, my own work. I really want to discover more about myself artistically, see what I can develop through this wonderful time for "myself".
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