Ronnie Drillsma - Art Gallery - A collection of Paintings, Drawings and Illustration

My Drawings.....

I love drawing, always have done. It trains me to observe.I see it as a skeleton which holds a painting up. I try to attend a Life Drawing Class in Ruthin Library when I am not working. I find it so challenging, as it never gets any easier. It is where I feel calm and quiet, among a group of like minded people, all of whom are struggling to "observe" and get it right.

I also like to take a sketchbook with me when I go out and about. When I paint i need to know what houses really look like - how the roof fits, how an extension is added etc. My drawings need to be strong to hold the painting together.
Cadgwith Cove, Cornwall.

A delightful little Arty shop above the Fish Seller.

A Sketch from my window

figure drawings for Illustrations 

I like to observe people...I'm a people watcher!

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