Ronnie Drillsma - Art Gallery - A collection of Paintings, Drawings and Illustration

   Paintings are added here 
as I complete  them, they are often waiting 
to go into an exhibition, but 
some are available to buy as a print.  

My paintings are created using Collage and Acrylics.
 I use an underpainting of collage papers, which may consist
of handmade papers, wrapping paper, newsprint, printed tissue, or even old paintings! From this background I try to "see" what I can make of it, using my sketches to bring out a "hidden" image.
I sketch when I can, old harbours, boats on beaches,
 farm buildings are all fascinating textures for me to try to
capture and interpret in my painting.


Blue Horizon

                                                     The White House

Award: Highly Commended 
Spring Exhibition

Award "Highly Commended" SAA Artist of the Year 2013
Business Design Centre, Islington, London  25th - 27th July

Wash Day -  Acrylics

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